Important Notice To Missouri Employers: New Missouri Law Allows Individuals To Carry Concealed Firearms

The Missouri state senate recently overrode Gov. Bob Holden’s veto of the concealed weapons bill. The new law which becomes effective on October 11, 2003, creates many new issues for Missouri employers. The new law allows individuals to carry concealed firearms.

Violence in the workplace has been an ongoing concern to employers. Now, employers face new safety risks and issues related to the safety of both employees and customers.

The voluminous law does restrict where a concealed firearm may be carried. For instance, concealed weapons are not allowed in courthouses, airports, bars, schools, hospitals, stadiums, and certain other locations. The law also allows property owners to post privately owned property to restrict carrying a concealed weapon on the owner’s premises, and details specific posting requirements.

WorkPlace Partners, Inc. strongly recommends that employers consider the development and implementation of a policy designed to address the issues about concealed weapons on company property and while your employees are at work.