WorkPlace Partners, Inc. Announces A Unique New “E-Learning” Program


CONTACT: Ann B. Plunkett

President, WorkPlace Partners, Inc.


DATE: June 20, 2002

WorkPlace Partners, Inc. Announces A Unique New “E-Learning” Program

Most employers are aware of the importance of Anti-Harassment Training for all employees and supervisors. Even so, it is often difficult to provide “live” training programs for everyone. Sometimes it’s just impossible to get everyone together at the same time, to train employees in remote locations or keep up with the influx of new hires. And, there are times when the work force needs a reminder about this important subject.

  • “It’s All About Respect” is an Internet based training program that can be delivered to each user directly by e-mail. The training program features:
  • All types of prohibited harassment are discussed (sex, race, color, religion, national origin, age, and disability) not just sexual harassment, as the law requires.
  • Separate Employee and Supervisor Programs are available (English and Spanish).
  • Takes approx. 30 minutes. Trainee can review at any time, at his/her own pace.
  • Practical, affordable and easy to use! Less than $10.00 per employee.
  • Customization is available. Include your Company Logo, unique policy, or special terms easily and affordably.
  • Tracking and Reporting features help you maintain critical training records.
  • Also available on CD-ROM.

Now it’s easy to comply with the Supreme Court decisions that encourage employers to establish, publicize and enforce anti-harassment policies and complaint procedures.

Anti-harassment training is critical to a company’s defense in any harassment case. Training can help you protect an employer and its supervisors and managers.

A sample of the training program can be viewed from by logging onto – click on the link, then click on “Sample Course”.